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Zenith Cardiology In-Person Clinics

Zenith Cardiology is accessible at five in-person private Medical Clinics on the Gold Coast and Brisbane. Please review the Contact & Location tab on this website for further information. 

Zenith Cardiology Telehealth

Our ever-changing world, resultant of the COVID-19 pandemic, has accelerated and necessitated the use of telehealth services. Electronic and telephone consultations are a tool used by Zenith Cardiology specialists in substitution or addition to standard in-person consultations. This process is equally professional and comprehensive, with your doctor happy to spend time with you to answer questions and ensure your understanding of management plans and outcomes.


A telehealth review allows those in isolation to attain medical assistance while also providing the general public with an economical and timely option; no travel costs; time off work; and no lengthy waitlist for in-person appointments, which also allows for more regular follow up appointments.

You will need a current referral from your general practitioner or specialist. Please ensure you have your medications list, and your phone, nearby at the time of your appointment.

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